Modern Abstract Paintings

Fine art paintings of Mike DeSart. Enjoy, if you like something or have questions about my artwork contact me at the bottom of this page.

Prismatic Color Type Drawer  |  Acrylic on wood  |  32″x18″

This old wood type drawer seemed like the perfect canvas to express my love for color and gradients. Commission your own custom drawer. by emailing me at [email protected]

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See the Circle Married the Line Series

Artist Statement

This body of work takes an abstract look at my perspective of the world developed by a process of layering and imprinting materials. The art gives vision not to objects, lines, and shapes alone, but to feelings and emotions. It has been my experience that I am drawn to old broken, weathered objects rather than to perfect  polished objects. By layering and imprinting the work brand new shapes and colors emerge. It is an intrinsically redemptive notion that layering and removing material can reveal unexpected results. Much like life itself our varied experiences and interactions can lead us to unexpected but beautiful outcomes. I want to reveal texture that people can touch. I want people to become completely amazed at the life that surrounds them and to enjoy the process of humanity as opposed to longing for a perfect successful outcome, with the illusion that we can control our life and make anything we interact with bend to our will. In place of control and domination I allow the attributes and uniqueness of each hue and texture tell it’s own story. In this way I become a co-author knowing that the work can have life and meaning beyond what I intended.

Infinite Dimensions  |  Acrylic   |  18″x18″ |  SOLD

Up Stream  |  Acrylic   |  12″x12″

Rigid/Flexible  |  Acrylic   |  24″x24″

Abstract 15  |  Acrylic   |  24″x24″

Stay Positive  |  Acrylic   |  24″x24″

Abstract 16  |  Acrylic   |  24″x24″

Prism  |  Acrylic   |  24″x24″

Warmth  |  Acrylic   |  24″x24″  |  SOLD

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