Creative Design is Hard to Find

That’s where DeSart Studios comes in. We design creative solutions everyday.

Method to the Madness

When designing for clients you have to be laser focused on the goals at hand. Design and artistic choices then spring out of those business goals. We solve design challenges in the most simple, clean, and modern way possible. It is not enough to choose the right photo or color for a project. The finished design needs to be better than the sum of it’s parts.

We Eat Deadlines for Breakfast

Speed and efficiency are paramount to the way we approach a project. To be honest, most clients need their design phase done yesterday. We understand when it’s crunch time and work with clients to find the best possible solutions. Communication is key to succeeding on a tight timeline.

Our Designs Pop

The world is saturated with marketing and advertising noise. Our job is to create designs that cut through and grab at the heart of what is being communicated. It’s not just fancy fonts and bright colors. The use of negative space and giving designs room to breathe goes a long way. In the end people should be able to connect emotionally to the final product.

We Capture Your Brand

We work to get your brand fully integrated into our design process as much as possible. If your brand needs a refresh, we do that too! We use an integrated design approach, meaning we work closely with copyrighters, developers, project managers and internal teams to capture the perfect balance of creativity and functionality so everyone wins.

We Make it Work

No two clients are the same. Each come with unique questions that need answers. Over the last 15 years we have worked within every design application, company size, and pricing agreement possible. All to say we have you covered. There are no hidden design fees or expenses. We are transparent and hard working people that love what we do.

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We do great work with talented teams and incredible companies.

Our Customers

People are talking

Our agency has worked with and engaged DeSart Studios multiple times for large web design & rebrand projects. He has that rare and wonderful balance of being a rightly-opinionated expert, directional, solutions-oriented and also humble, kind, and a joy to tackle a project alongside. A true design veteran.

Blake Imeson

Business Web Strategist, LimeCuda

Working with DeSart Studios was effortless and enjoyable. Mike adhered to our deadlines and was even able to connect us to a great developer for our website. I would highly recommend working with DeSart Studios for any website and marketing need.

Adam Marchick


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